Holy Schist!

I never thought in a million years that someone would be hosting F2P Graal.

Seriously, I grew up with this game. I made my own offworld levels (and cried when they never got uploaded by those snobbish french owners) and images, both of which occupy a good chunk of my hard drive - just because I could never get rid of them.

So before I make a fool of myself: It looks like the place is still active. Am I right about that or do people still just haunt the forums?

Oh, and Hi! My name is Metamyth. For those who played P2P briefly, I was always on N-Pulse. Used to run with the name Nekbyter (Vamp phase, don’t ask) and the name I have now.

Jesus, still can’t believe I found this. I’m freaking giddy right now…

Welcome :slight_smile:

Yea man. This is it. Just know if you plan staying you might want to get adjusted to some things… others will explain most likely

\o/ Prepare for disappointment!
But other than that, enjoy your stay!

what he said

What for, exactly?

None of the playerworlds are past the development stage, 'cept for a couple

Meh, no biggie. I’d be happy to contribute to a playerworld or make my own small one if the opportunity arises.

That, and most of the members don’t amount to more than testicular baggage ;D

Avoid Kandora and Akyra like the plague.

Noted. Any other suggestions?

• Don’t feed the pigeons
• Don’t lick the toads
• Opshon/bodyrox is not a pet despite being in a small metal cage
• Don’t give ammo to the forum trolls, they will use it like a fat kid with matches

and which are those?

Bomber Arena (ignoring the half completed cave story)
GTA (despite any bugs it may have)
Lumina (despite any of the frenchie staff)

He’s jaded.

I like feeding the pigeons…

I’ll bite Yo Finger right off with a smile on my face.

Kandora isn’t “unplayable”, and its not bad. No plot or story, but backin my childhood who the hell cared about the story?:fro: