i just started seeing the trailers for this . like two in the last half hour , what do you think major money or flop .


im curious.


What the hell is this shit?

Farmville 3D… with GUNS!!!
Only for Xbox 360 Kinect.
Big Money!

Big Name Writer = Flop
The better your production crew the worse your game.
This is why indie games are the best.

indie games are made by indians

oh shit who’s running the casino’s ?

at one point i thought that when i was 11

more than half of gr members are about that age. they might be learning something new today.

Like how much fire burns of how iodized salt feels once your skin has been carefully peeled off.

“You can treat a chemical burn with vinegar”

i think the last thing you want to do with a chemical burn is put more chemicals on it.

No, but if you have seen a certain movie…

I think the game will be a ‘sleeper hit’, a really good game but majorly under-rated and played by nobody :frowning:

Speaking of sleeper hits, that HD remake for Beyond Good & Evil looks amazing.

I burn my games soo…