Horse Script Request

Haider. I’ve searched in all the forum. Where’s the script to get a horse in weapons?

Thanks :3

if (playerenters)puthorse ride1.png,30,30;

No but i want it to go to weapons. a horse in weapons.

if (playerenters && !isweapon)toweapons horse;
if (weaponfired){
  puthorse ride1.png,playerx,playery+1;

If you want the player to get on there horse straight away you will have to make a custom horse soz :frowning:

That will require a few commands such as:

[CODE]onwall( x, y ) the specified point is blocked
keydown2( keycode,true ) checks if a key has been pressed
replaceani ani,newani; replaces a default animation
setani ganifile; sets the animation for the player
! not
&& and
|| or
== equals

  •   addition
  •   substraction
  •   multiplication

Also, you’ll need some simple playerx and playery manipulation. Good luck!

Or somehow force the player to move onto the horse xD

You should probably do it yourself…if you don’t know how, take a look at commands.rtf and this, as well as Kondies post…

Or, not sure if VW cares if I post this, but it was his idea, just set the players horse property to ride1.png x.x

If you can’t add to the topic don’t fucking post. The fack is that NONE of you could make a custom horse.