How do you change you’re signature image? I made one and when I try to upload it, it comes up with an Error… Anyone wanna help me?:frowning:

Me too, I dont know either.

Tricxta had that problem for a while. I think you have to let someone onto your account to change it. Though, tricxta probably found a way around it. I have had no problems with it though.

I actually have this problem also… I tryed editing it many of times but it still wont work, its a very nice sig too.

You guys ARE using 8-Bit PNGs. Right?

Well, I dont know, but here is my signature…

It says it’s a .BMP.
Hos’ said that you need to use .PNGs only as far as I know…

I resaved it using Paint.Net as a 8-Bit .PNG.

X_x, and yes, i used urs

Did you go here first?
or did you go straight to upload Graal Sig?

I don’t know if that might help or not.
Also, you are 100% sure you are using it right?


it was always giving me an error when I used internet explorer so I switched browsers, I think I either used firefox or safari. Anyway… the problem then sorted itself out :slight_smile:

Firefox works. It’s what I use. O.o

Hmm, let me try…

And i heard Internet Explorer is REALLY buggy

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It worked!!! Thanks!

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Close this thread, its solved.


I use safari :smiley:

Oh dear god, the letters in my signature are un-seeable, so i made a new sig, and it stays the same when i upload it…

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Yay! It refreshed!!! Like it? I just edited it and added shadeing

It’s nice. Use some thing that would look good around grey. Hosler really should give you a choice (White Grey or Black?)

I like it how it is. I would change to white but Tricxta’s is white so it would look the same…

Also, a secret that my siggy has is a database choc-full of Siggies. I’ll make more later.