What happened to it, and it won’t let me register my server.

But what about regestering?

Un-register your old server first?

Yah. When Joey attempted to replace Spooon’s deleted posts, it seems the Database went haywire. It shut down for an evening too.
Now the forums are acting like a retard. Some emotes aren’t working, Joey’s hosting is down, and the main site is fucked too.

I wasn’t able to thank one of Riley’s posts earlier because I didn’t have privileges to access that page. I took a screenshot and was gonna ask later. I think it’s related to this.

I think Riley moved that post as soon as/before you thanked it.
I got that once and found it in the Flaming Thread.

No. If you are on a regular account you can only register 1… Donors, VIPs, and Admins can register more than one.

I never checked to see if I could register more than one as a donor, hmm.

this is true.

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and good that you told me that playerworlds section was down. I was un-aware. I’ll check on it when I get home.

Cadavre,do you by any chance have a copy of the gserver?

Here you go.

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Lmao. Some loser gave me negative rep for this post.

Negation FTW.