hotel entry

There are books that talk about hotel lobbies?

Yeah, mostly called “inns” though.

Oh, inns are typically smaller though i guess they count as hotels. Thought you meant like a modern hotel lobby :stuck_out_tongue:


i want a best western but with a continental breakfast and a big pool free wifi and a direct line in the wall and dominoes pizza coupons

To you it looks amazing, but some of us here don’t think so.

For one, the tiles are an eyesore in that building (Use less, find a way to make them fit in with it, maybe surround it in carpet?)
Second, if you could move the arrows and bombs container to the left closer to the counter people could actually access it.
Third that carpet is way too big, shrink it once in width in height and then it might not stand out so much, maybe even a second time, because I don’t think it would look right even -1W/H.
Forth (This is optional): Why the hell is there a small table surrounded by 4 sofas, chop the left one off to make the area more inviting and make the table bigger. (twice in width sounds good)

k i did some revisions. it now looks cozier. also, i will make new couches good idea kondie.

i included the outside of the hotel and another room, and once again does anybody have like a flower vase? cause i dont want to use that stupid plant too much.

and spooon, its not too big. its large enough to be compared to the other room (attachment 2) so you could tell its the lobby.

For the inside of the walls use the traditional walls, not the outside walls. It looks like it has snow : \
Also, you didn’t have to remove ALL the marble. Just some :o

He’s still doing good. Keep it up and eventually, you’ll get better.

Yeah, I guess I am going overboard on the criticism.

no no its fine. criticism is good.

anyways im keeping the walls, but i got rid of the white parts at the bottom so no snow, except on the bottom wall, because thats facing outside.

also it would look weird with only a little bit of marble. this is fine.

oh and im not making a new couch. i cant really comprehend the perspective required to make one.

Looks better, now make a pattern on the rug for me :3

yes no maybe? i also included downstairs where the rooms people stay in are.

What’s the upstairs for then? :o

upstairs is the managers room. also the osl. you wake up with memory loss.

also i like this rug better

I think 3 rings is a bit much. :confused:
Also, Memory loss is so RPG cliche. You need to have it to have a good game it seems! xD

yes it is very cliche

That looks better.

They all look like shit.

God damn it Spooon, encourage for once.