hour requirements


ive seen some bad scripts on igraal, only one of them was good, its the hour requirements to enter an area is there anyway i can make a door that will only let someone pass if they have a certain amount of hours/
note hosler, i WANT the script, i already know its possible lol shouldve said this earlier


sure. graal has time functions right?


Can’t do it without a GServer mod.

And no, we won’t add it for you, because hour requirements are stupid as fuck.


Just make a client weapon that uses an online timer. >.>


Hmm you could write / use an external programm to read / write the onlinetime into a script / variable?..


could you do something like making a hidden weapon with something like:

timeout = 30;
if (timout) {
  setstring client.timeSpent, client.timeSpent + 30;

then just have the door npc check to see if the client has spent the right amount of time or whatever it is you want.

oh wait… I think I’ve misunderstood your question. Do you mean hours spent on the server or something? In that case, just put the script I mentioned above into a system weapon. Now every client has a string with the number of minutes that they’ve been in the server (and it should carry across sessions I would think).


Fuck. Why must you be so creative? But alas; this won’t work unless you reset everyone’s hours! How evil.


All I can say I thought Beastk would have asked this…


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OH PLEASE! for the sake of all of us! i dont want iNoobs running around saying:

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Why’d you ask if you allready knew…
I bolded the section focused on.


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