How do i add GS2 into a server?

me and the team have been trying to implement GS2 into our server for a few days, no success, i heard that GS2 was supported, but could someone assist me with implementing it?

No, GS2 is not supported. I don’t know where you heard that, but GS1 is the only language that will work with the _2xx builds.

Yep. You’re going to have to start over on your project.

Also, there is no NPC-server. Everything is done clientside.

It was nice knowing you.

I remember years ago people asking about gs2. It’s probably very difficult to implement into the current builds, as it involved alot of reverse engineering that was done with what we have right now. Legit graal’s probably tightened up their grip on their newer versions as well.

Hopefully you’ll decide to stay and work your way through this though, I’d really like to see what you can bring to the community!