How do I work this crazy thing?

I’m trying to host Doomsday with the files from the Ultimate Graal DVD file thing, but I don’t exactly understand the readme for gserver, as it’s pretty vague as to what I even do with my server files. Can anyone help me?

Can you give any specifics on which parts are vague to you?

I don’t know where to put my files…

Well, in the Gserver folder you’ve setup, you should have a servers folder. Once you go into that, click on your server. The default name is ‘default.’

In there is a ‘world’ folder. For level files, you can stick them straight into that folder. For other types of files, stick them in their according folders. If you’re confused as to where files of what type may go, you can always refer to the ‘foldersconfig.txt’ file located in ‘Gserver\servers\default\config\.’ Personally, I don’t like throwing levels directly into the ‘world’ folder so I usually add a line “level levels/*.nw” into there.

If it bugs, I just throw everything in the world folder.

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Yeah I’m not sure I’m gonna try hosting these files then, it’s literally the entirety of doomsday as of right before it was shut down, and the way these files are organized is some kind of hellish nightmare. Maybe if I could find files for a server that would be easier to drop into gserver without so much hassle, but yeah, I just wanted to casually host a server. I don’t have the time to brave the backup of doomsday’s penultimate days.

It’s really not that hard. As in all the hard part has already been done. If you don’t have the time then it is what it is but its funny that you thought it would somehow be more simple than a matter of putting correct files where they go it seems like basic common sense just saying…