How does Reborn have high traffic if there are no cars?

Please, I need to know so I can write an in-depth report.


When you’re this high, you don’t need cars.

Cheez Its doesn’t have a sexy mascot but it tastes good.

corn flakes mascot is really sexy

___Merged doublepost__________________

Spooon cheated on his wife with the cornflakes chicken’s wife

yep that’s actually me

i know one other on these forums who will rape a chicken

Speaking of chickens, does anyone have that script?

This is why I wear two pairs of underwear.

Get some chicken sprites and ganis, replace them in stefans pre-defined editor npc script and your set

I actually have my own chicken script that I sorta made. I guess I can just redo it. I was just wondering. NOW FOR BENJIRO’S PICTURE OF THE DAY:

lol, sad…

the corn flakes mascot is not sexy
foghorn leghorn is


that wont help you next time

This is why I carry a two pair of underwear remover… mmmmm, Chicken.