How much is too much

As far as NPC systems go. Is three too much to use on a server? Offline it seems fine, and I don’t have problems when I test them online but it’s just me lol.

NPC systems? Not sure what you mean.

Menu system, skill system, crap like that. I guess the real question is how many weapons always running a timeout is bad.

On past servers I have developed, I’ve been running several timeouts(gross I know), maybe 5 or so and players haven’t felt any kinda hinderance in terms of performance(lag). At the moment on Phoenix I have only got 1 weapon constantly loopinp, but 3 doesn’t seem so bad, at least in my opinion.

Depending on what you’re doing, it might be worth looking at designing a more centralised system(multiple weapons relying off a core system) through the use of callweapon. Your choice though.

On Zolderon I believe had four system wNPCs. One for maps, tilesets, and music; one for chat commands; another for handling triggers and player flag/strings; the last one for the HUD and GUIs.

If the end result is to have multiple scripts executing every 0.05 seconds, but simply with one timeout doing dispatching, that could potentially be slower than having individual scripts running the timeouts. This is Stefan we’re talking about.

Yer, except I might not need to trigger other weapons every frame. The idea was more about combining several smaller loops into a more general bigger one. Surely that’s quicker, even if it is Stefan.

This makes me feel better lol.
I could remove the timeout from one if there is an alternative to (keypressed && keydown(#)). How come this works as an npc and not as a weapon? In weapons it seems to need a timeout always. It works instantly even with a 2 second timeout though. I do not understand it. Or am I wrong here.

if you’re talking about

if (keypressed && keydown(0)){

as an example, it has never worked for me.