How to control your server remotely from an iPod/iPhone

Created by Glyde
This tutorial will show you how to control your server from your ipod touch or iphone… You can also control rc and stuff!
1.Go to

  1. Create an account its free but make sure to use it for personal use!

On your ipod or iphone download logmein ignition from the app store.
It is 30 bucks but it is worth the money :smiley:

If you need to know how to jailbreak the ipod touch or iphone go here

If you have a jailbroken iphone or ipod touch you can get logmein for free!
If you have the instalulous(I think thats how you spell it) app you can get any app for free! It is quite awesome.

If you do not have instalulous to install it or get it watch this video–>
After you have that just install LogmeIn Ignition!
Instalulous has been weird lately and has been asking questions for you to get into their site and here is the answers!

  1. Install LogMeIn onto your computer and add the computer to your account that you have made!

    5.Open LogMeIn on computer

6.Get on your Ipod/Iphone and open LogMeIn Ignition.

7.Select your computer

  1. Enjoy controling your computer from anywhere with wifi(Ipod)
    Enjoy controling your computer from anywhere with a phone tower lol(Iphone)

    PS. With the other ways like VNC, you have to port forward, with this you DO NOT have to forward your ports, so its much easier
    Sorry about the gay ads on the sides of some pics i used imageshack…

Created by Glyde
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so you still need a computer to host the server?

He didnt mean “host” me meant “control”… even though its just remote-control for a PC… As I know IPhone has this feature already inbuilt?.. Or atleast some free tool my friend uses. :> Most likely like virtual desktop.

Ok cuz the title of the thread is “how to host your server from your iphone ipod touch or another computer”

Yeah i kind of worded it wrong you basicly are accessing your computer from somewhere else lol

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