How to get a playerworld?

How do I get the player world for Graal Reborn? Is it different than the other playerworlds, and does it cost money?

Edit: No, I wont pay for you to host mine, if i can host my own I will.

Ill host your server for 1 dollar a month

I’ll host one for $10
oh just wait
I’m doing a sale making it on $5 a month, what a deal, 50% off!
you’d better go with me, since you save the most my friend!

My price is now $10 a month in order to compete with Dylans sale.

$0.50 with full backup every day.

Ill buy 20.

Uh, no thanks? Id like to host my own, so how do I?

pay me or hosler $10

You can also clone the opengraal gs2emu github project and compile a gserver for free


and uh, how to use?

God damn. Take the 50 cent deal.

It’s okay i make him nice new home.

Why won’t anyone just link him the compiled gserver.

Gah, me lucky charms!!

Download the zip here:

Open up the readme and make the necessary server configurations then run the gserver executable

For additional help:

Have fun

lol try here for server files and sources