How to: GMAP to BIGMAP

Step 1: Generate your .GMAP with the level generator.

Step 2: open your .GMAP with Notepad or your favourite word processor.

Step 3: Find and copy something like looks like this:


Step 4: Make a new document with your favourite text editor, paste the previously copied information, and Save As ‘YOURMAPNAME.txt’

Step 5: Upload the YOURMAPNAME.txt to the ‘World’ directory.

Step 6: In your server options change these options:

maps = YOURMAPNAME.txt
bigmap = YOURMAPNAME.txt,YOURMAPNAME.png,0,0

Click apply.

Step 7: For extra assurance, add a line of code to your -System weapon.

setmap Image,YOURMAPNAME.txt,;}


loadmap YOURMAPNAME.txt;}
I’d only recommend the latter if you’re map doesn’t have an image.

Fun Fact:
If you have

if(created){ loadmap YOURMAPNAME.txt;}

In a level and need an image for your map, you can simply open the level with the code and Press M, the level editor will generate an image for you.
There is also a “Txt+Nw” Generator in the Client pack, use it instead of “GMap+Nw”
Also the “gmap to txt” is covered in the Map Tutorial -_o

Same for being able to generate the image… lol…
Only thing not included in the tutorial are the serveroptions (since they didn’t exist at the time).
Also I’d advise just keeping the “image” portion blank for setmap if you want to leave the map blank or to generate the map’s image later. Instructing them to do loadmap will just make them be half-assed about it and leave it there, causing a GMap.


But given it has the word “GMAP” in the title, maybe they’ll be more inclined to look here anyway.

Your title is too vague, so I, and most others completely ignore it. Or they can draw the assumption it’s about making a map, rather than converting from GMAP to BigMap

I wouldn’t recommend them naming everything ‘bigmap’ it will overwrite GTA’s stuff.

That’s right people name your map file after you server! else it will probably overide someone else’s map…

No problem, GTA is gone.

Uhm. It also affects the Level Editor since it defaults bigmap.png for the map.

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I tryed to do this on my server, but for some odd reason it wont work.

You must be bad at reading comprehension/retention or something.

We can all find the GMAP but none of us can find the GSPOT

oh check it out, one of my missing posts.

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