How to install gfx to server?

since years I have the problem my gfx’s doesnt get correclty installed.
What the hell I need to do that it shows without restarting everytime the server?

What I do:
put the file in world/images.
start server

What error are you getting? Describe the problem in detail.

What image are you trying to upload?

Well the error is, that I can’t she the image ingame.
Own gfx

are you sure it’s 8 bit? That’s why I asked for the gfx. It also might be too big. Did you try uploading it via the RC?

Oh damn.
It wasn’t 8 bit god i forget this shit everytime thanks.

You can always save it as a gif and not have to worry.


What’s the issue? Why are gifs ‘eww’?

  1. compression
  2. filesize

jpg is superior

Thor doesn’t allow GIFs on Classic.