How to Link Levels

Step 1:
Open both levels in your editor. Make sure that they both have nice doors, where the actual link part will be somewhere you can touch.

Step 2:
Open your second level and hover your mouse where you want the player to come out, which, when you have 2 doors you want to link, will be directly above the link and a tiny bit to the left, even a little more than in the picture. Then, look in the bottom left corner (circled in the image). Write down those numbers…

Step 3:
Go back to the first level and select a box around your door with your mouse, which will make a grey box around the area you selected, then go up to the top and click the box with a little arrow in it (circled in the image).

Step 4:
A box looking like this will come up. The warp field section is already defined from the grey box you selected earlier.
Fill out the level, new player x, and new player y. On the level, make sure to include the .nw at the end of the level name. For the new player x, use the first number you got from the other level, and for the new player y, use the second number that you got from the last level…A yellow box should how up around the door. That is your link. If you touch it, you get warped to the second level with the new playerx and playery.

Step 6:
Now, hover your mouse just a bit in front of the door you just linked, and slightly to the left, even more than in the picture. Again, note down the numbers in the bottom right corner.

Step 7:
Go to your new level, and select the door.

Step 8:
Click the arrow again, and fill out the forum with the numbers and level from the last level. Click ok.

Step 9:
You are now done. Click play and you can test the level. If the link ends up taking you too far down, decrease the new player y value. Too far up, increase the player y value. Too far to the left, increase the new player x value. Too far to the right, decreased the new player x value. IF you come across an issue where the link doesn’t work at all and you’ve checked that both levels have a yellow box around the doors, and it is just messing up, check that one link doesn’t link you into the other link. When that happens, when you run at a link it puts you into the other link which warps you back to where you just started from, so you are basically stuck. To fix this, just make it link you farther down or up; which ever is needed (or left or right, depending on the situation). If all else fails, re-do your links.

To edit links/delete links, click the circled button. You click the name of the level that your link linked to, and click delete.

Good job explaining. You should do a tutorial on bigmaps.

E D I T:

Also, for the part where he has “(xy) - tile (xy)” there’s a second way to get those coordinates.
It’ll say “(xy) -> (xy) = (xy)” The middle where I highlighted is the coordinates you need.

Very nice, Alex. Generally, though, you don’t need a 2x2 highlighted box covering the entire walkway. A 2x1 on the darker part of the walkway will work just fine.

And that’s why Alex doesn’t LAT.

once again another failed tutorial by alex.

Seriously… people have figured this out for ages so why did you need to make a tutorial now. If they cant work out how to link in a day or two they shouldnt be developing on graal… pure and simple.
Likewise with your scripting guide.

if (!playercantlearnplayertouchsmebythemselves)destroy; derp -_-

Press F5 for the Current Location for the player to make the new playerx/playery better.

Warning! DO NOT highlight the entire door for your level link (as shown above), highlight two tiles above the bottom, or preferably, two tiles above the actual door, so people are actually walking into it and not just touching the outside and getting warped inside -_-

edit: oh ghost already said this, but you used the word generally… let me say again


I was trying to be nice about it. lol

if the door is a north entrance you probably would do better to make the warp not at the base of the door, but one tile north.
That’s all I have to say about it.

It makes me sad to say this, but I agree with tricxta.

When I was first starting on graal… when I was still… WAY young i had NO problems figuring out how to link levels together. If anyone is having issues on this they probably really shouldn’t be developing when it comes to Graal. I do understand that people have to learn at some point… but this is something they can learn on their own.

and lol. That is such an overly complicated explanation on how to link levels.

It’s a nice… but unnecessary guide…


Links go at the top of doors, 1x2 field, not the entire door way. Also, who seriously can’t mouse over the top buttons and see what the tool tip is? ffs