How to request a Server permission password Bronze ?

hello graal reborn team, been a long time I didnt post anything
neitherless I was working on graal server project non stop
as far as ppl remember i was part of the de team of Lumina
I would like to know how to request my server permission password
to appear on the server list I lost mine due to a reboot
and anybody could help tell me how you request your server password
permission to apear on server list ,would be cool thank you.

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Y can still Join my Server by Typing in bronze search box XII and connect
but it doesnt run 24/24 since im waiting for someone to tell me how to
claim my server permission password back . Thank you in advence :slight_smile:

Lumina is the best server

  1. Search the forums.
  2. This is the wrong section of the forums.
  3. Learn English.
  1. Profit.