How to specify what are "hands", "coat", etc...?

So I’m messing with graal_shop and I don’t see any way to specify what part of the body is the hand/shoes/etc…

Here’s my example.

On ShadedLegends there was a weapon you could get called “meditate”. It basically just started a gani where you levitated in the air. But if I changed my shoe color, the gani would reflect that.

So, if I’m trying to make a gani to make the character do a somersault or something, how do I specify in my custom sprite that the color of {this} part of the sprite is supposed to reflect the color of the players shoes? Meanwhile, {this} part of the sprite is supposed to reflect the color of the players coat?

uhh you didnt phrase that well but I beleive you want this:

if (strequaqls(#C1,pink))bla bla bla;
if (strequals(#C3,pink))bla bla;

It will have to be in a gani script of course and u will probably end up using showimg or something similar I guess…

im pretty sure ganis will keep whatever colors you have on

Yeah sorry, that wasn’t worded very well.

What I’m talking about is this:
I want to make a gani that uses a custom sprite-set. I want to make a custom set of body images (like the body doing a cartwheel or something) but I don’t know how to draw the sprites in such a way that graal recognizes “ok, the sprites show blue hands and pink shoes but the character’s hands are white so substitute that color in for the blue of the sprite”.

mmm, trying to be even clearer on this hazy topic:
How do I make a custom body gani? I know how to import sprites but how can I tell graal that {this} sprite is a “body” sprite and that certain parts of it are “shoes” which should be colored based on #C3 etc…

For example, if I open up idle.gani there are sprites like “bodydown” which show a coat, shoes, belt, a head, etc… Now how does graal load that gani when you are idle but dynamically change it to use YOUR characters head and YOUR characters skin/shoe/coat color?

Graal Reconizes colors by color. Take a look a the body.png image. Simply use your paint dropper tool on whatever program you are using to copy the colors, and use them I your sprites. Then you can make your gani.

Ok, I followed this process:

  1. opened up body.png in
  2. copied the color of the coat, body, shoes, skin, and belt
  3. used these colors to make a rudimentary stick figure 32x32 png
  4. used this png in graal_shop to make a sprite
  5. made this into a gani
  6. put an npc into a level that sets my chars gani to this new gani
  7. step 6 works but it shows the body.png colors instead of my characters colors (#C1, etc…)

Ben, it doesn’t sound like what you’re talking about works. Or am I doing it wrong?

Default bodies are indexed to 7 channels. Alpha, Shoes, Coat, Sleeves, Belt, etc. You would have to make completely custom body sprites and have them run off of parameters/attributes. EX. setplayerprop #P2,newhands.png; and have the gani run off of ATTR2 for the hands image. #P1 has default Graal hats.

Ok. Guess I’ll have to mess around with this a bit more. Damn. Was hoping there was just a color matching or something like ben was talking about. Like “#FEFEFE gets replaced with #C1 and #FDFDFD gets replace with #C2” etc…

GANIs do not handle the colors of bodies. Before GANIs were used everything was just sprites, which is why attack sprites cause damage.

Ok, so it looks like I’m just going to have to make a gani weapon system for any animations that involve custom body movements. Nuts.

dont talk about nuts unless you want gllt here

That’s not what said. Unless your body doesn’t follow the default body template, your bodies with work. You need to make sure the pallet is correct and you can have a custom body that changes colors.

The client changes the color pallet of the image. Not ganies. Another instance where client changes pallets is with setbackpal.