How to visually connect levels in Editor?

I’m starting a small project and I want to visually see the levels connected while in the editor. How do I do this?

I created my own map.txt and the levels are already connected on the server. My only problem is that the editor is ignoring this. Editor has no trouble showing additions to the default map, but it appears to be ignorant of other maps.

Just pop something along the lines of
if (playerenters){
setmap ,map.txt,x,y;

into your level and your editor will pick up on it. Since all map text files are stored in the one location for clients, it’s advisable you pick a more unique filename for your map file. For example:f-clsc_a-map.txt

The map.txt I gave was merely for demonstration purposes.

Got it working, though I’m not sure what was directly causing the problem in the first place. I did make changes to the code and it may come down to the false image name, or the lack of coordinates.


if (playerenters) { setmap wtf.png,baddieforestmap.txt,0,0; }

if (playerenters) { setmap ,baddieforestmap.txt,5,7; }

The image didn’t exist. The numbers at the end are the coords on the map where you want to show player icons when they are not on the map.

Keep in mind that graal stops running code when it encounters a non-existing file

It’s usually true, but i’ve been using a nonexistent wtf.png as a map and haven’t had any trouble.

I should revert it to blank though…

EDIT - it’s the M key, that’s what you press after the gmap has loaded, and it generates a png of what your overworld presently looks like. That works with the GraalEditor.exe included in the Graal Reborn client download!