Hows Graal Reborn been?

Just wondering how its been. Spooon no trolling. I will kick your ass.

We’re gaining more inoobs more and more man! They just waltz in and make crappy servers

^-- iNoob
These kids named CrossFire and Darkblade are mainly creating all the problems, all of the stuff they have on Exotic is stolen…

benjiro, youre a fucking thief as well, not only that, youre 12, so stop accusing others of what they do and deal with yourself

you are a thief aswell

Sometimes I wish i could ride a dinosaur

Meh, blaze, don’t defend them x.x They stole EVERYTHING they have, even their freaking description. Don’t please even try comparing noddess and Benjiro that that crap >.> Age isn’t important, as well…

im not defending either one, i removed all the crap i stole from noddess, two system weapons X.X

Blaze is only thirteen, and he’s been twelve most of the time he was here.

There are more things taken from Noddess, but it is the old noddess, so we don’t care as much anymore.

Yup. It’s weird to think about how much stuff we redid…

It’s going great I guess. Not really that many bad people. Players show up as soon a decent server is online which is good. So uh, yeah, nice to see you.

Hmmm, yeah glyde, welcome back :slight_smile: Even though I don’t know you very well, I still feel like I’ve seen some of yours posts xD


lol welcome back glyde, good to have someone of your type back on reborn :slight_smile:

Mother fucker can’t kick my ass.