HTML Thing

Here’s a little something I made in HTML.
<!doctype html>


Graal Reborn- GS3 Programming Team

Welcome to the Graal Reborn Graal Script 3 Programming Team, it will be updated daily on GS3.


  • Whole Script Layout for GS3 is now Officially Complete

    New Updates Coming Soon... [/HTML] Then, the image: [IMG][/IMG] This was a easy project :D I am going to be updating it later.

Yay GS3

uhhhh im confused… are we suppose to be impressed and pay you compliments?

This is retarded. He just stole the HTML from the site and added some worthless shit that he probably can’t even complete

woah… whats up your ass?

@Blaze, No I didn’t I actually KNOW HTML, not like you do.

Just ignore him Benzy, blaze is an idiot

Ok. Is there anyone else that I should ignore?

Benzy. He’s an idiot.

Benzy, please listen to me. We do not care about your stupid project. I don’t know if you are trying to impress us or something, but we just really don’t care. We think you are a joke. When someone says “Yay GS3” they are mocking you. I just want you to know what “programming GS3” entails.

Creating the language (many parts here)
Creating a new client to run the language
Creating a new GServer to run with the client

You simply cannot do it. If our coders can’t do it, what makes you think that you can?