HTTP folders

To put in the folders config something like:

In every web folder should be a php file that outputs a csv list of the files so that the gserver can cache the names, making lookups the same speed.

I will gladly provide that if you are willing to help me implement this, I want to make a global webgifs system and am requesting people send me their images.

Would also be cool to have that for levels, too, so you could have an online editor written in Javascript and submit it via PHP or something for playerhouses.

Actually, that /would/ be really cool. Of course, this whole idea adds yet more things that can fail.

Anyway, implementing enough HTTP to talk to a server isn’t that hard. (Being fully spec-compliant, on the other hand…)

Meh, don’t care about standards compliance.
All it has to do is recognise 404 and 403, the rest probably shouldn’t occur.

I don’t really like the idea of loading levels over http though, but may as well support it since it wouldn’t be too hard once the other system is in place.

It would be good to use to make obsolete globals folder

I’ll give it a shot.

http protocol isn’t that difficult… took me a couple hours to figure out the ftp protocol… I HATE IT <.<.