HUD Script

Ok, so, I have a HUD that needs to be scripted for Exotic. I have posted the HUD, and the HUD Sheet, could someone script it for me? If someone does it i will remove ALL Stolen Content from Exotic. I swear to god.



HUD Images made by Riley.


You will delete all stolen content from your server if someone scripts this for you?

I’ll give it a go, but if I see any other stolen stuff on there I want the HUD off ASAP!

DEAL! You can even come on and point out what i forgot.

O.o something tells me Ben will grab my HUD as a base and rescript it.

tru dat

That’s awesome. I almost want to steal it and put it on HUD V2.

Lol… Hopfully not.

Also, benjiro, please Message me the script. And i have to check to see if it works correctly. So you may need to edit it various times.

Shouldn’t all the stolen content be removed anyways…? -_-

Lol Riley, I will always use this HUD, you’re pixel art is wonderful, I also can’t wait for you to give me the Tileset you’re making us!

Thanks again!

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Yeah probually… xD

It’s okay to take my HUDs and rescript them, or you can just use them. I am practically ADVERTISING them on my Siggy.

That’s awesome. I almost want to steal it and put it on HUD V2.[/QUOTE]


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Yeah, you’re right… :smiley: Thanks!

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Anyways, Sorry for my trouble here in Graal Reborn…

I could start making my own scripts if someone teaches me how to script GS1…

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Yippie! Im now a “Member” now on the forums xD!

Would you like me to make a version and the money symbol changes from green to blue at 10 rupees, then to blue at 30 then red at 50 from which it will stay as red?

Just try things out. I learned from looking over some people’s scripts, tweaking them and then improving them. I got stumped sometimes, sure. But when I did I asked very nicely if I could have something explained, or if someone could see where something was going wrong.

Actually, that would be pretty neat!, Riley could make a gold rupee image, (If its possible).
So then Green 1-4,Blue 5-29, red 30-99, Gold 100-unlimited

But yeah! You could do it!

1000 Should be the Fabled Black Rupee. :open_mouth:


Thanks to both of you!

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and then 5000 purple, and 10000 rainbow xD

I would do it today but Im kinda feeling crappy, some other time perhaps… its not as if its hard anyway.
if (playerrupees>=50)setimgpart index,hudimage,x,y,w,h;
else if (playerrupees>=20)setimgpart index,hudimage,x,y,w,h;
else setimgpart index,hudimage,x,y,w,h;

Wouldnt we need Ben for the actuall script though?

tricxta, I’m sure ben can do it, it’s just a simple playersrupees > 1000 etc deal.


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Ugh, how long does it take to script this… X_X