Human Template for Ethereal Odyssey (Feedback/Suggestions)

|–{Human Male Template}–|
Excuse the crude shading. This is a simple template of the body type for a male human.
I haven’t created any direction or walking animations for it yet, but once implemented, I’ll be doing away with the standard graal heads/bodies/ganis.

Would there be any notable problems with replacing the vanilla graal head/body setup?
I drew inspiration from Graal Kingdoms/Zone where they redesigned the standard graal characters, though mine may be a bit larger than that.

You should look on open game art and maybe use their LPC submissions, If your goal is to make a server in a timely fashion XD lots of really amazing sprites and tilesets.

As for the character. You should look at some colour theory on youtube. He looks very pale and un-shapely, except for the head. Looks a smidge like a lollipop because of how big the head is and how plain his body is. However, the bodies just because of your shading which you said wasn’t finished anyways.

I made some changes to him to illustrate what I mean.

This is a front facing character from a level perspective. Remember Graal is top-down…
Aside from that… if bomys are possible, then anything is… I guess you would have to write some hitbox code for player characters. Not sure how that would work out.

[USER=“470”]Chicken[/USER] Actually I used a template found on OpenGameArt for the initial reference. I wanted to give it a similar-like graal head. I do like how you proportioned the head in your edit though, I may reconsider a more normal sized head by the end of it. I appreciate the help!
[USER=“10627”]2ndwolf[/USER] Yeah, the perspective is wrong for top-down. I understand perspective in relation to viewpoints.
I use blender to help me visualize how to draw bodies, with rpg & jrpg type characters I make characters by using Final Fantasy VII models for reference points.

I’ll be using placeholders for alot of things right now, I want to get certain parts up and running first, to make sure what I’m wanting to do is realistic, then I’ll actually begin the graphical additions. I try to develop ideas as I get them or I usually forget.
This perspective will probably be used in a status screen.

I haven’t even begun to test this out on the server, or thought how to go about changing the player’s boundaries.
I was thinking it’d have to be tied to a weapon script though.

If something proves too much to be worth, I’ll find a different path to go with it. I have ideas how I want everything to be but if it doesn’t work out (like the battle system), I’ll find something to replace it with.

I’ve been looking through alot of scripts in a collection of server dumps to help me get back into gscript.
I’m currently working on my GUI graphics and first gmap. I switch back and forth through several things to keep me from getting tired of working on one specific thing.

|–{Human Male Template}–|Version 2|(Without the fractal background)

The legs feel really long, almost alien-like. Hands could be a little bigger but that might just be me.

I was wanting to try a “kingdom hearts” body style, where the feet seem exaggerated. It still feels off to me as well. The final version will have their legs closer together, maybe have different stances depending on your class/gender. Once I get the body dimensions fixed I’m gonna cut up the body parts and try using this in the gani shop.
I kept the bulky head and went by Chicken’s edits to blend the two. Maybe later on I’ll even have different body builds/head shapes/sizes. I just want to make sure this would be usable in Graal before I fully animate it in all directions

yeah, that’s totally graal

I like the roundish heads, I just don’t want the “chibi” look you see in alot of anime. big head tiny ass bodies xD

I’d love to get a working paperdoll system going on graal, where equipping gear changes the way your character looks. That’s something alot further down the road though, provided I can even use this design in-game without any game-breaking glitches.

The thing I’m most concerned about is the player’s collision with barriers using this size