Human2_gani.gani not supported?

Just clearing up wether the Human2 ganis are supported…

I am adding setplayerprops to a system weapon when 2 players logon the only image information from the players being sent is the head and body images.

so the other player only sees a floating head and body, attributes like hair legs and arms are not supported? or am I just missing something super secret? I even tried adding ATTR1 and PARAM1 ect to the defaultaccount.txt to see if it supports those but nothing worked. D:

Heard about this a long time ago, thought it was fixed (the higher attrs)
Also, for the love of god, don’t use Gmaps (incase you’re trying to make a Graal Kingdoms)

Heh… Did some testing.
ATTR 1-30 Save
ATTR 6-30 are unreadable to other players.

If you’re using new human2.ganis, they use ATTACHSPRITE in the gani…

Attachsprite works. It’s the params that aren’t sending to other people that’s buggered.

Ah… well that’s still kind of buggered :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry beholder I wasn’t going to use Gmaps haha but yeah so for now walking heads and bodies for all other players D: lol