I became owner of a Online-Fangame and...

I’m in distress! Yeah, im being too vague at the moment cause i don’t wanmna upset admins by advertisign what i came owner of too much.

Recently this year, i became the new owner of a multiplayer megaman fangame. It sounds like a honourable position to gain from a regular player but… here is where the distress part comes in.

Barley any players come anymore, i am not a good coder so only a few impovements and ajustments have been made that are just not enough to keep people around and, it got attacked by ‘the anti-rip patrol’

I don’t know what to do here… should i just shut it down even though its pretty much dead anyway? Keep it going or… do somthing else?

And don’t say this is in the wrong form, this is pretty much game related. Here is a small advertisement vidfeo of it 2 years ago. I hope you give me good suggestions, cause i am at confusion here.


Wow, that looks God-awful.

Byond, I assume?

I can tell from the pixels and having seen quite a few shit fangames in my time.

I still have nostalgia for ol’ Mega Man 21XX. Some of my first internet message boarding was on that fangame’s forum. I’m surprised the final version even runs on Vista considering it’s age. It’s still kinda fun to play with all the characters it has. These days the only good Mega Man fan game I know of is 8-Bit Deathmatch (which is awesome).

Looks pretty bad, I mean, if people play it, go for it. But, if it’s litteraly empty, shut it down.

I vote Rage-Quit the project, it looks and feels terrible…
What? I would totally vote Rage-Quit unless someone can improve the hell out of this crap!

It really does look bad, though.

Well, it seems people are rating the video of the two years old gameplay for it’s grapthics. It’s gottern better than what it used to be… Sort of. And it most likely will be forced to go down anyway when BYOND turns their client to… flash… And i have alot of problems with flash. Even when they are using it as a cheep lazy fix.

graphics have gotten better than what they used to be… sort of? SORT OF?

Sort of.

Replace all the character graphics with crudely drawn penises then ship it out for a final release.

Sounds like Spore

I thought spore was crudely drawn sperm. My bad.

Sorry. Mega Graal is better.

why not put it up on joeys hosting so i can actually play a fun server that doesnt require multiple people to have a good time.

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if its because you did a pixel to pixel copy of the original mega man sprites just draw something new o.0, its the gameplay not the graphics that makes a game good

Because he doesn’t have it?

I have it, it’s just nowhere near completion and I can’t be arsed to continue it.

:frowning: mmmk

That fangame better have bass in it, or i am going postal on my own players… again. (AKA: Player-kill them)