I can't post a screenie for my server :(

I just get this interface:

When I click crop image, it tells me to define the crop region, but there’s no way to do that :frowning:


Same thing happens for me ;-;

Weird… I like The Mollusk, I would enjoy walking around a server sporting that look.

Do you just use this forum to practice typing random statements?

To those who want a cheap fix, inspect the crop image button, set all inputs to visible , input your values and hit crop image. Works like a charm!

Well sorry hosler for suggesting The Mollusk’s character looked nice and that it could be a good addition/easter egg to the server (if it wasn’t already) to be able to look like that.

Sorry also codr, spooon, dylan and everyone who haven’t had the chance to click thanks yet. I’m a spamming failure, I thought I was an interesting addition.

Fuck it, on such a small community that’s enough people hating and I’m not alive to please people who enjoy roomfuls of echoes. I’ll be sticking to being minimalistic on the Graal section, and if it’s crossing anyone’s mind to hate on that, go fuck yourself.

The way you worded your post that hosler responded to was just extremely awkward. I thought the head image was amusing/interesting too, but I wouldn’t then post “I LIKE THE MOLLUSK”…

The crop javascript is broken, and I just haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t get around to doing anything anymore!

It’s summer, the only time of the year I actually enjoy spending time outside rather than being behind a computer screen. And this summer has been incredibly hot compared to earlier years, so I’m taking advantage of the opportunity. :slight_smile:

Sorry for not being geeky enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect lots of updates when it gets cold.

nah keep doing it its funny

Crop function is fixed now but could definitely do some improvements.


How does one crop? :shrug: I still get the same interface.

Have you tried clearing your cache and tried click-dragging on the picture?

Nope, I just did that and it works great. :smiley: