I decided to make 50 x 50 Map

Yup, guess what my project for the next 10 years is? That’s 2500 levels and I’m probably gonna make a 1:1 underworld. ROFL.

Somebody’s grown ambitious… That’s nearly two levels a day just for the mapped levels. Keep us updated.

Please don’t.

I’ll try to get this done in less than two hears. At least four overworld levels a day.

Well that doesn’t make any sense.

i suppose you will be asking for help soon

9 levels a day plus interior levels, this is getting more exciting by the minute. BTW, you got screenshots of yesterday’s levels yet?

I’ll just be focusing on the overworld at first, so four levels a day. The underworld can done a lot faster (like four months, so no worries). The interiors will kinda just be made as I go along I guess.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR] Working on some levels. Didn’t get any done yesterday, so I’m gonna try to get around 10 done today.

Underworld, too? rofl

How many levels was the Classic map? (In the year 2007)

you can always make most of it water

I’m doing a 25x30 map. It’s hell. Nothing makes you want to give up more than working for hours, weeks, days, etc and then still seeing vast areas of noisy green tiles.
May god have mercy on your soul.

Yeah I’m probably gonna just start doing a bunch of island and be lazy.

Screw this, 100 will work! I will expand it when the time comes.

I don’t know how many level Classic had on the map.

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