I don't get this.

Okay, I don’t know where to put this but here really,

So, I set my server up for the “silver” Tab

Now instead of being on the silver tab my sever is just claimed as

Style Reborn (Unoffical) >:0

When it’s the offical, so what do I do? xP

Bleh, nevermind I fixed it just had to not be lazy and look through the minor file count, I apologize xd

hq_password = ???

in RC, /updateserverhq

lol, does everybody miss the password thing? :smiley:

xD I got the password it’s all fixed now I was just lost on the part of where to put it but I remembered something about that and fixed it up :]

Some of us don’t remember their password! :smiley:

needs a forgot password function

I think it states that you should save it somewhere…

Said you should save it immediately, lol

Or you could just add a ‘Forgot Password’ function, or even better, save it somewhere for me! :smiley:

In some cases they’re the same thing! :smiley:

True. :slight_smile: I think I already have that on my todo list