I don't think I properly introduced myself heh

Basically started playing this game when I was 13 or so…with the name Blue_Devil(typical right?)

I mainly stuck to UN since it had the most players, you could find me frequenting the Sparring zone, usually with the spin attack because I was mr. scrub.

I even once had my own graal site and was working on my own offline RPG in graal at some point :rolleyes:. It was more so a clone of Criminal_X’s offline RPG(if anyone ever played it, it was pretty fun).

I’m now 22 and most the time I spend with graal is trying to do proper sprites, but I still suck :slight_smile:

Also, I restarted my offline rpg but it’s fucking awful, I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve learned back in the day, but that doesn’t stop the ideas from coming heh

Some other ‘hobbies’- UT2004, Street Fighter Third Strike, DIABLO CLONES, EVERYTHING ELECTRONICA MUSIC, WEB DEVELOPMENT(I only know some php/mysql… along with the basics like html/css), PHOTOSHOP, DREAMWEAVER. MOLESTING KIDS IN THE GRAPHICS SECTION(That’s only an accusation though, they can’t prove anything)

lol, hai there

hi :slight_smile:


Welcome to Graal Reborn

Do you want poked too?

Awaits drama sad story from Dontar

wat is poked and why must you bold my post

This is Madness.



what was your website called? i was all into graal websites back then. gesh.net was my fav

dont get it

I have no idea, think it was called something like Supreme Graal

Lovin’ that signature. Too bad I’ll have to ban you for it if it’s not changed. insert sad faic



Alright, but you should admin people from trying to troll others, and not pick and choose, but whatever floats your boat.

What a nice incredibly large signature o_o Also, Hitler loves Juice, not deer.

Kondie loves deer, not Juice.

If only! Hah!

Too soon Yenairo, too soon…