I have returned...

Formerly known on here as Tense or Hikeido, I’ve decided to come back to Graal Reborn after about 6 years. I used to have a project called Ethereal Odyssey, which I am in the works of re-attempting, only this time with some improved skills. Graal Online was the first game I ever played that allowed me to engage in game development such as creating levels, graphics, and a simple scripting language. I’ve watched Graal Online evolve (sometimes for the better, most times no so much…) Don’t be mistaken, my new community name Zazenora is not the same as ZazenP2P from Graal Online’s Valikorlia server. (I think I am a bit more friendly and patient.)
I am in the works of fixing up the first area of the server. I chose Graal Reborn, not simply because its free, but because I believe Graal Online SHOULD be free. It’s become an outdated and stale sight on the legit servers, and their poor management has only added to the blow. I’ve not seen much activity server-wise, and I really hate to see that compared of how much activity this place used to have. So, before I get too far into this project, I just have one question. Is anyone even out there? Or am I just looking at the remnants of a dead community?

Dead community

Hi I’m here.

But yes it’s dead.

not dead just small. people think it’s a dead community because no one is currently working on a project.

I tried to bring back classic but hosler wouldn’t give me a vps :’(

I wouldn’t say this community is entirely dead, but it’ll take a special server before any playercount can be maintained. If you do choose to develop on here you need to realise there are more modern current games out there and you need to match that such that graal development on pc servers has moved away from the social role play aspect and thus a building with a few npcs inside that say one line of dialogue will no longer suffice.

If you can target a player’s inner completionist like cookie clicker does(http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/, despite its simple concept you do find yourself hanging around and playing it) then there is a chance you could hold a playercount.

why do you need a whole vps? go grab a lowend one for $5/year. those are perfect for gservers. http://lowendtalk.com

nah dead community. You guys just have a predisposition towards dead things.

i dont think you know what predisposition means because that sentence dont make no sense.

hosler pls. I’m saying you guys have a tendency to hang around dead things because you guys like them so much. Dictionary.com defines predisposition as something one likes to ‘do’. /spoonfeeding

I like to make posts.

Hikeido… wasn’t that the guy with the creepy avatar?

Not as much as I do.

By this time next year I will have more posts than you.

hold up you gotta beat me first

Sorry it’s been a few days. I am working on a server right now. I’m getting the concept together of the first world. (1 out of 8 that will be gmaps, each getting a little bigger than the last.) I do have some new ideas to throw out there, and I’ll get to that a little later on. I can’t say I am a pro with any of this, I know the basics of every step of development, I’d say my strongest point is graphics such as HUD’s GUI some tileset work. As of right now I am using the standard graal tileset, but during some point I will have completely custom tilesets and gani’s and I’m going to do away with the zelda-style look completely. I do have a certain art style that I want the whole design to blend with. If you see Ethereal Odyssey on the server list feel free to check out what I have going on. At this time I do not have plans to keep the server online for long periods of time, I only get on for server-sided script testing. Once I get a good beginning started on this server I will release more details about it. It’s only still in early stages, and I can’t promise anything. I would like to see this project become something that could maybe breathe a little life into this community… I wasn’t all too active in the forums much, but this place has been a great playground for whats sparked my imagination with game design. (Insert feels here) lol…

I managed to read that slab of text O_O

Anyway, welcome. Follow your dream.

welcome to Graal Reborn
best of luck with your server