I have returned

Yes this lil punk has returned.
So whats been going on is GR dead is there still a new client being worked on i already seen jatz client won’t be coming through since what happened unless its still work in progress.
So nerds give me the 411 is GR on an attempt still to be revived are is it officially dead.

Depends, reading antago’s posts make me hesitate whether if it even is a good idea.
Depends, can you program?
Depends, downsider released a parser for gs1…
All we need is a client, then we could slowly move away from gs1 and old graal altogether.

Frankly I have no idea. A new engine to come about? That’'d be cool. But so much work for the recognition of like 20 persons? Meh… pretty sad.

The best idea we’ve come up with lately is to make a template for unity. To me it’s a very good idea but a big project and I have to face it, I’m not very talented as a programmer. The project is big, the work is heavy, the compensation is small.

well we might get some new helps later on If anyone wants to help Graal Reborn Out
Capable C++ Programmers interested in working with me to build a new engine
Capable web developers & artists interested in working on a new website
Moderators that will actively moderate these forums

They need help but the help is sinking low
and this is there last attempt to get help or the project is going to die and never come back.
the current person who was doing the engine left but you will have to sign up on the forums let the know your wanting to take over the project and help out if you can be let me know i keep the urls and everything out of this post if you want it just let me know ill see in notices i don’t know if this is the right area to post this in forums but once i see ill pm you on RMN if possible
i’ve posted this following stuff on rpgmaker.net just might take a while to get people involved

Are we motivated by the old spirit of wanting to join in and add to the awesomeness of graal? I am, reborn has mostly done its duty, letting frustrated graal gamers vent out, finally do whatever they want with it, find their happiness (? Hopefully) and move on.
I still can’t move on, I’ve been a die hard fan of the game.

Oh, sorry, ive been writing last post while you posted that, reading now.

So you’re telling me there is a team working on graal reborn that intentionally ignores this forum?

Sup guy?

not much my dude, it’s nice to see you

I think we should use OpenGS1 to make a 2.22 feature-level compliant client and release an iOS/Android version, and revive the fun legacy servers.

this is a reply i got on rpgmaker.net [COLOR=#303030][FONT=Helvetica][INDENT=4] EditSaveQuote


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You really need to format your post in accordance to this.

I really hope this is a paid position.

I mean, i know creating an engine for an rpg entirely from scratch is testicle-wrenching difficult. If tackled by a single person it could take a long time for the engine to work (a programmer friend i know said to me once that coding a small engine for a platformer game took him almost a year to complete, and it was very basic and bare-bonesy, i can’t imagine what the easiest rpg engine would take to make), and thousands of lines of code. This kind of work is almost never provided for free. Specially not for the sake of somebody else’s project, when the programmer could be working on his or her own project instead.

So adding a bit of information about proper compensation would be relieving to the eyes.


So basically if you guys want help outside graal forums your going to have to pay for them to work on the engine because like they said aint no one going to work on an engine for free specially from scratch [/FONT][/COLOR]

Downsider does have a point why don’t we do that because basically pc graal is honestly dead and i doubt there is anyway we can bring it back to life without people willing to put in effort instead of goofing off and not taking it seriously we should take old server and revive them with gs1 and port them to mobile ios/android like downsider said and then maybe set them up to be played on facebook aswell if unixmad doesn’t jump down are throats honestly i have no skill with programming or doing anything for that matter im just trying to bring a dead project back to life

You need an NPC Server.
Players would play. trust me

we also need npulse


If you guys find a way to get a working NPC Server I’ll host NPulse gladly :slight_smile:
I’ll also bring developers with me who may be interested in other projects

With OpenGS1, you could take Joey’s NPCServer and replace the bindings to C# with bindings to OpenGS1 and potentially be able to run N-Pulse out of the box…

We can, we need, can we, do.we?

Npulse was an event based server. I believe it hac been possible because enouhh players were already around. Not to be defeatist, just making sure nobody put more effort in a dead end.

If you build it, they will come.

Make it happen baby <3

He told you how to do it, so go do it.