i need graal editor help

i need help to learn how to make my own weapons that turn out on editor but i believe i gotta have a gani right but how do i sell it
ineed to learn to sell stuff an also i need the copy statue script i thought it look like this
then the player attributes

If you cannot figure out how to do it on your own I suggest you drop it.

You dont need to use //#CLIENTSIDE because there is no npc server, as for you wanting a copy statue you’re on the right track, I suggest you stop getting other people to do your work for you and maybe read commands.rtf(you’re looking for #3,#8,setcharprop,etc…) If you expect people to make a server or something for you your entirely to blame if you get trolled/flamed/whatever…

Also since your kinda new here i’ll give you a tip:don’t be a suck up, I learnt that the hard way even though I thought I was simply paying people a compliment.

i just wanna learn how but there is truelly no good guide but by stefan i just wanna make my own stuff i want help as were to check an people should give people scripts they dont have how do people learn how if there is noo resourses

You’re starting to piss me off now… you have commands.rtf, newfeatures2000-2005.txt and several well written scripts in the code gallery. Now stop asking for people to do your work for you.

I can’t be sure I know at all what you are talking about.

However, I think this is a truly good guide that could help: http://forums.graal.in/forums/showthread.php?4384-Newbie-Scripter-s-Bible
That’s a a link to a sticky-thread in the NPC section of this forum. You’ll need to be a little more slick in how you go about getting the community to help you with things. You’ll need to learn the politics of this place before most anyone will help you.

Bayne is either retarded or a pro troll. Can’t decide yet.

He’s a young kid–probably 12. New to Graal, and wants to fit in.

None of the Graal devs today started Graal as developers; we just played the game.

That’s probably the best advice to give to Bayne. You won’t be an expert off the start, nobody was. Just play the game, gradually you will get the feel for Graal and it will come natural to you. Like tricxta, he started out on iPhone now he can script. Just play the game and don’t try to master anything off the start.

Beholder was born into poverty and now look where he is! Poverty!

no offence to trix but that just made my day . thanks for that .

Ehhh, no offense taken… I don’t object to being the typical iNoob when I first came here.