I need help on this tileset

okay we have a zeldaish tileset okay and we tried npc scripting so players can see it and everything we did it didn’t download into there webgif folder

If you cannot see the image offline: The image has an invalid palette
If you cannot see the image online:
• Its a big file, it takes time for players to download it
• Check your Folders Config
• Check your addtiledef (if its all black/scrambled, addtiledef is working. minus the image)

If you’re running on a 0.8.0 (Type 2) GServer, would be smarter for people to use a client anyway since it has more client based improvements. You can disable access to the client through the serveroptions.

Otherwise, cut up your images, to make them smaller and more manageable.

It was this that was wrong.
• Check your Folders Config