I though this was neat.

Pretty cool until the killcam shows that horrible aiming before the kill :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol Mount Kill.

I do that a couple of times in TF2.
Nothing like an Engie riding ontop of a heavy, whaling the fuck out of him with a wrench.
Though sometimes the server has “Goomba Stomp” enabled. Jump off something high onto an enemy’s head, dead :smiley:

Sometimes it’s unexpected, landed a Pyro onto of a Scout, everyone was laughing their asses off.

rofl i gotta get back into that beholder.

Starwars Battlefront 2 is the only FPS I like.

I once got ontop of a IFT-Tank (Can’t remember if that is right, it’s the imperial hovercraft tanks) with a engie and fusion cuttered him out of it and blasted him full on in the head with a shotgun the second after.

Fucking TF2. You bought a decent game Beholder! You should play that instead of the crap you subject yourself to. =/

Bad Company 2 ftw and CoD. Never played TF2, but would give it a go when I had some spare moolah.

I like TF2 for the easy drop in / drop out. I don’t feel I have to make a commitment.
All I can say is, glad I bought BC2 for 4 bucks. lol

You haven’t even played online yet.
And how you can play a team game like TF2 and not feel any commitment but do feel committed when playing other team games is kind of fascinating.

It’s like a “casual timesink” to me :open_mouth:
And yeah, I haven’t been arsed to even start the prog in about a week :[ Same with Super Meat Boy.

its like that game I can’t fucking play goddamn I want a decent computer

Someone fucking gifted L4D2 to me over the holidays its torture

L4D is so much fun with friends!

It looks like it, people always show me videos.
I’ve played TF2 a couple of times when I had a Pentium 4 tower with a dedicated card.
I sucked at it. Hard. But I didn’t have a bad time.

I’d rather try the zombie stuff if I could.

EDIT: Truthfully, someone just make a clone of Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the Source engine.

I’d die happy.