I want a game to play.

I’m intending to play it on my laptop. Here’s my stats, vaguely.


Been playing FF12 gonna finish it later, thinking of playing Wind Waker or Summon Night: Swordcraft Story I don’t know

help me im dying

come play wow with me.

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also: win 7 ultimate on 2gb of ram? UPGRADE RAM or DOWNGRADE WINDOWZ, improves performance.


my RAM is maxed and the windows is because vista is horrible on here and I was downgraded to XP for a while but it went unstable and fuck goddamn and had to move to win7 cause I was in a hurry and it was 64bit fuck goddamn and I have to sharing this GODDAMNED FUCKING LAPTOP WITH MY MOM because I haven’t had a stable home since valentine’s day last year and I move at the end of the month to one and then I will get a desktop computer than I can do that and get away from this celeron m piece of shit core 1 based nightmare that can be replaced with a c2d for about 50-100 bucks that I dont even have and my bff dav has been asking me to play wow with him for like three years

i aint even mad

Yes, I’ve read this story from you before, very sad :frowning: <-- i do that irl… come play wow naow

that is also what my bff says

kalzor i cant


kazlor plaes

Your “boy friend forever”?

Yes, some of us are comfortable enough with our sexuality to have a bromance.

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gllt why you no msn

no my best friend forever you dum trol

bromantic indeed ~~~*~

kalzor because im lethargic all the time and its not even because i smoke pot my life is miserable and everything is great but i am MISERABLE

i dont even like standing up anymore im always sick

i havent fucked a soul why do i seemingly have AIDS

thats in caps because I’m screaming it not because its proper okay

Ily gllt. xD You bring light into my every day!