i want rileys resignation

riley you over react to everything that is said to you. last post i made towards your graphics whats not suppose to be a troll, but like everything else i say, you just assume im trolling you. THATS NOT TRUE. i don’t troll people. i don’t give a fuck about what people think about what i say. i say what i want and i really don’t expect anyone to agree with me. stop banning everyone and stop going crazy with your mod powers. it’s extremely annoying. just stick to your awesome gfx and leave spooon to the mod shit.

I have to agree here. He is doing a PERFECT job moderating, and I really appreciate that, but every time somebody says something, you come back and use your powers on them…I bet I’ll get an infraction for posting this. I don’t want him gone…I just want him controlled…Spoon at least does it for some sort of reason x.x Some of the last few bans have definitely not been for the right reasons, and the way you threatened really is getting to me…

One of the only reasons I liked Spooon better as mod was he didn’t delete whole threads claiming it was spam.
Spooon for Supermod! Yay! :smiley:

Ugh, Riley just let it fucking go.
“they’re crying like lil’ girls about it”
You really just don’t know when to shut up. You constantly troll people as you’re doing in that message and you’re a moderator. I’ve already stated you could use the other thread I made to QQ your heart out. Alex didn’t do anything to you and neither did I. You’re just a forum troll and you always will be. Here’s the post he gave me an infraction for. (Yenairo, Spooon, and lots of other people constantly make posts just like this. Please take not of that.) http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg35/kondie/riley.jpg

Just send these types of compaints to me and SHOW ME PROOF of what exactly he has done wrong. I’ve gone through the same procedure with Spooon before. So many complaints, and not one single proof of misbehaviour.

Riley is the only mod that goes by the rules 100%, so if there’s a problem, tell me what the exact problem is and provide me proof.

If you somehow provoked this behaviour to arise from Riley, you got no one to blame but yourself. @hosler If you wrote that to Spooon, he would definitely give you an infraction aswell. Try go to GraalOnline forums and write “You still butthurt.” to Darlene/MoonGodess (or any other mod over there for that matter). I wouldn’t do it, but that’s just simply because I don’t care.

Methinks we’re getting to him

Anyway, Riley, if you’re so PROUD to not be abusive on the forums, you wouldn’t even make a message like this.
I almost think you’re… scared… of losing your position. O_o

Um, I posted that. He says shit to me all the time and I say it back to him. He’s butthurt and I have no idea why. That’s why he didn’t mention me on the list so I lol’d. He won’t even tell me why. I have proof that he abused his powers and you are ignoring it. I even have two other witnesses and Beholder had to unban me and Alex! Not only that, but he moved my server. That’s also abuse because I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t see anybody moving Exotic to staff only when it was ALL stolen content.

stop bitching about Riley… Y’all are worse than 3 year old children having a temper tantrum over not getting to eat ice-cream after supper.

Only 50% of me agrees with that. I kinda want to see this be finished though.
There’s a problem, so it needs fixin’.

Fun fact: Riley has been a Super Mod for about three years already.

He hasn’t changed at all, either. Seems that the only reason so many people are complaining is because everyone wants to jump onto the “I hate Riley” bandwagon that Hosler started.

Here’s a question. What happens when someone pisses me off?
Next question. What happened someone pissed off Riley?
Final question. What’s the difference?

Now, everyone promptly shut the fuck up.

i want rileys constipation

He’s right you know.

Pro tip: I don’t hate Riley. He’s a good mod. I just want the bitching on the forums to stop. If that means people have to get some shit off their chest, then I am all for it.

my oppion, move this to complaints and never look at it again.

Don’t kiss his ass because he hosts Exotic… He wants it here anyways because he wants it to get spammed.

It’s no secret Riley and I don’t get along, at all. However, I haven’t seen him do anything out of line… Nor did I ever see Spooon do anything out of line.

i dont like being banned/infracted for saying someone is ostentatious. i said that to riley and he starts calling me a “bitch faggot” or whatever and gives me inappropriate word infractions. hes the biggest hypocrite on these forums and thats the real reason i dont like him. also, ive sent him several messages to him trying to alleviate our little ordeal over this stupid shit, but his responses are always “shut the fuck up fag.”

i say take his banning powers away and then we can all be safe.

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the difference is that riley gets pissed off at the most retarded shit for no reason. spooon, at least you look at reason.

I closed some of Riley’s hate threads.

Yeah man, I also tried to settle it with him. I even went to apologizing. Then he started cussing me. He is unwilling to meet a compromise. I guess it’s true that only the mature can agree to disagree. I also understand the hypocrite part. He cusses everyone out a lot if he gets pissed, but if they say anything back, BAM it’s an infraction. And his deletion messages, telling me to grow a pair of balls and stop crying. “Stop QQ’ing. Grow a pair of balls. [Trolling Deleted]” I assure you if I told him to grow a pair of balls he wouldn’t hesitate to give me an infraction or ban me. (Although I clearly have a pair of balls.)

I still haven’t gotten on the bad side of Riley.

I didn’t even do anything to him, lol. He just goes on random rampages. Like when we were on my server he just randomly typed “Alright, that’s it, I’m banning you fuckers.” and then I was banned on forums and my server was moved. He still won’t tell me why but he claims that it was because I stole graphics made by other people.