I want to wire my laptop's wifi to my desktop computer, nothing works

Ok, someone might be able to help me on that one.

I want to wire my laptop’s wifi to my desktop computer.

My internet setup is currently a wireless router my laptop connects to with automatic IP assignment.

Now this itself seems to conflicts with windows xp demanding for some reason that nothing is set to that in order to share internet… although, when I change the settings to what it sets itself to, as ipconfig /all says it stills says something is set to automatic IP assignment.

Added to that, when I get my two computers to connect via ethernet, internet stops working.

I’m tired right now and just hate how the only answer I could find on internet (superfuckinguser even) is “use the wizard in the simplest way possible”. Which obviously didn’t work for me.

I hope I make sense, I’m sick and tired of my computer right now.

Do windows ICS

There’s no such app under Windows XP…
But I remembered that my main router uses 192.168.0.XXX to assign adresses to members of the network. So I just changed its IP to and voil?, Windows stopped nagging. Problem is it DEMANDS to assign IPs to its own network with 192.168.0.XXX .
Also, internet stopped working when my two computers were linked because they used 192.168.0.XXX but it was the router’s property.
Anyway, problem solved. Thanks hosler for the inspiration to look back in the simpler solutions.

Yeah windows demands using that subnet for ICS which is silly because it conflicts with 90% of default router settings.