I wanted to get the server registration enabled again

Can you re enable the server registration?

I would assume it’ll make a return once the move is finished.

ill look for it. i dunno why all this stuff needed to be integrated into the forums. seems like it would have been better to make a separate tool.

It’s been down for a couple years.

I seem to remember it being intentionally disabled, however I don’t know why exactly. I’ll look into it.

If I remember correctly it was to prevent malicious servers from being put up as there was a problem with that at the time.

No. I’m pretty sure it broke and nobody bothered to fix it.

2ndwolf tends to be an expert on things that never happened

edit: not that I mind it, it makes the forums more interesting

All it does is add a row to whatever database the list server reads.

Is it possible to get it up and working again? The more stuff that works around here, the more people will want to stay (hopefully).

Yeah I’ll try to fix it this weekend. I’m also seeing about getting the website functional again.

RIP Tapatalk

Tapatalk works. Its under OpenGraal instead of GraalReborn. Can’t use the old name because cadavre took off with the credentials.

I’ll ask for the credentials next time I’m able to contact Cadavre. Regarding registration; PM Me with your server name and account name and I’ll manually register your server until I get a chance to fix server registration.

Can I get a username, so I can play on KoS?

Try http://play.opengraal.com/#section-creation if for some reason it does not load properly or your browser otherwise borks it up, try loading it in an i-frame at http://nekoroy.com/graalreborn/accounts.html it’s the same site just embedded in an i-frame

Just enter any username and password that is not taken, you don’t even need to use a real email or confirm it at this time.

Once you do it will just refresh the page and give no confirmation, but don’t worry it’s probably been made, then just log on with that username and password in the 2.2.2 version of the graal client. Graal_222.exe in the main graal reborn folder.

If you don’t already have the client and other stuff you can get it from http://nekoroy.com/graalreborn/download.html