we kinda have no one in the community that really cares much about working on servers. spooon killed most of the iphoners :stuck_out_tongue:

I still live on :noob:

im an iphoner :stuck_out_tongue: Era all the way lol

Classics better than era :stuck_out_tongue: but when it comes to graal gaming zodiacs my thing


I prefer iEra over iClassic because iEra is the same as Era.

Except weapons that cost $95

Except iAnything is a complete dumbfuck piece of garbage filled with prepubescent 12 year olds.

half of them looking for softcore porn on guildpics too

Lol thats true. For bar (200k) alone it will cost 75-100$ in gralats pack… i would never spend that much on a game…

didn’t even make this thread lol. thanks to the mod who made it :smiley:

Lol did they just take my thread and… X_X

Oh btw Blaze FP4 quit the Zod iPhone project like six months ago.

I think I know that smart one

fp4 lol

iClassic Killed iServers for me, it just such a shit game and all you can do is talk, spar, or farm. <- Boring?

Then iEra revived iServers for me because you can:

Kill people
buy from around 25+ guns
do a job to earn money
get a car/skateboard/some cool transports
do missions
socialise (if that’s your thing)
go to the casino and gamble
and tons more things im too lazy to mention.

And i can assure you, we’ve got alot more planned for iera in the near future, we release content weekly. How long does it take classic between updates? Couple of months…?

I still don’t like iPhone.


You can do that on Classic too :stuck_out_tongue:

But i agree. Classic sucks ballz.

There are horses, they are very legit looking

Remember where we had to raid a room full of baddies risking our lives for an egg?

I’m pretty sure 3/5 graalians went bankrupt from losing to npcs in rock paper scissors