Ideas Thread

At this current point in time we have absolutely no direction for the official playerworld and are completely open to ideas, just nobody say Futuristic Zone or Era knock-off please.

Jot down any random ideas you may have for the world.

Cadavre’s Idea for statusbar:

Idea: Events could start hourly without an Events Team member provided enough players register for the event, although we can’t do this sort of thing without an NPC-Server modification of the GServer code is not out of the question.

Sword in and out?

Press S and your sword will be out until you press S again.

?? umm how do you swing the sword then?? constantly hitting S to throw it in and out ??

needs work but the idea is there to play with. :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea, sort of like unsheathing your sword. So it’s either ready or not, you would switch up the attack buttons. Or yeah, just make it like F to draw out the sword, and S to attack. Then you could slow down the persons speed when it’s drawn. For certain ones, maybe like daggers, just make it straight up attack from the sheath. Daggers=Lighter, bigger weapons like say . . . . Link’s “Giant’s Sword”, how it sits on his back. Could weigh more and be slower agility.

[quote=negitar;6252]?? Umm how do you swing the sword then?? Constantly hitting s to throw it in and out ??

Needs work but the idea is there to play with. :)[/quote]


ok but i use D for weapons, or other NPCs to get an edge in duels… but i guess it is to make it harder for players to do that.

use Staffs as a weapon with no sheath, 1 as they dont have one and 2 as spell casters would use them. so you got back to atk with S and magic with D.

How about basing the server around small overworld of 40 or so levels and jam packing it with buildings and things to do?
That way people can meet up even with our super-small community.

Guys… think outside the bun.

The sword sheathing can easily be accomplished by making it be sheathed or unsheathed if you hold the button down for 2 seconds or so. any slower would be a normal attack. Depending on if your weapon is out. Not too hard to implement, and very good use of button space.

I think its funny how Rogue thinks he knows what hes talking about :3

I think its funny how Rogue thinks he knows what hes talking about :3[/QUOTE]

:smiley: watch out, on rare occasions I really do know! :cool:

lol, sorry if I sounded like an ass, I do that from time to time.

The weapon ideas are interesting, I like.

If you’re going to do sheathing/unsheathing the sword, I’d look at switching the S weapon between sword/(wand)/bow/etc as main/dominant weapons. (Adding new key shortcuts and creating a new weapons/status menu.) You could also make the other dominant weapons improvable similar to the sword. If you wanted classes it would make differentiation easier as well.

Sheathing Unsheathing? as in the Old Valikorlia Style? I like that kinda sword system.

Sheathing and Unsheathing, an act of reproduction.

only beholder could turn something about swords into a sexual comment…


A pirate based server. Yo ho!

The Graal Reborn PW is going to be a classic styled server. So the default system is going to be used. Maybe some edits in like the Q-menu and such, but A = grab, pull, S = sword hit, D = weaponuse

Make it like Sentinel, only finished.
And as mentioned, make it so you can impregnate other players using the sheath/unsheath button press.