:confused2:we need more servers for differnt styles of graal also if anyone knows i wanna play graal offline cuz it gets boring without players why are people leting graal die i dont know but i wanna play storys of graal offline are there any please help me thanks.:whatever:

Have you beat GTA yet? Also it takes a lot of time and effort to develop new servers and the majority of players are plenty satisfied with boots that let them walk on walls and weapons that allow them to overpower other players.

How does playing offline revive GR anyway?

lol cuz people need to make it funner an single player games are more detailede game thats retarted idk why people would get on fourms but not the game

You should make a single player game, then everybody will be excited to play again and they’ll start making cool servers.

hellz ya

It’s funny. People complain that they want servers with quests, events, and stuff but they never stick around GTA long enough to do any of those.

thats because GTA kinda sucks

cuz im banned for gta


Oh right.

Not really, the story line layout is a bit chaotic but it’s pretty fun when you get into it. I think the new classic being developed by thor is alot more enjoyable however. Too bad it’s on graalonline :facehoof:

get on spooon my servers up




Bayne give us an idea for a story with a storyline and well make it for you

We’ll call it Bayne’s cool story.

You took it to its climax

and you took it too far :expressionless:

bayne and ban hammers excellent adventure