Idle games

Come idle on PWA now and you too can reap the insane points for simply idling. This amazing deal can be found in the cave south of the OSL, Wow! Doesn’t get better than that right?

Ok that’s awesome

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Change it to PPT (Points Per Tick) and multiply by 5.

A tick being 5 seconds, representitive of timevar? Doesn’t seem very intuitive for someone not familiar with the inner workings of graal…

I’m familiar. :^)

1 2 0 0 P P S


at this point it just kinda lags out a lot and it’s hard to progress

I heard pps could be exchanged for weapons with theme songs

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if i find u with a duck or chair in your invetory you’re banned

You can’t ban hosler, he’s hosting the server. BTW hosler, I got something new you’ll really enjoy the next time you’re on.

I’ll ban everyone

That’s the spirit!