IE in reborn forums

Im having troubles with IE. The forums fucks up when I use it on the reborn forums but then if i switch to safari theres no problems. What is the meaning of this! Are you trying to make microsoft look bad!! huh?

Anyway anyone wanna tell me why this shit is happening?

IE is your problem.

but it worked before the forums got fucked over :frowning:

Make Microsoft look bad? Hah…
IE is a piece of trash anyways

I just tried IE8 and I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe you accidentally turned compatibility view on/off and it is fucking with the forums.


Don’t use IE :slight_smile:


Hello, Tricxta! I’m using Mozilla Firefox!

Wow thanks alex I dont think I could’ve figured that out which is why ive been fucking using safari ever since I gave up on this thread which was a while back now. Gosh >.<

Should get Chrome it’s a lot better

:0 your back!!! And no im using safari, its clean, fast enough and I like it

It isn’t 100% safe. Because of where shit is stored. It’s good, but I don’t like it.

I use it and care nothing about privacy or safety anymore.
However it locks up a lot lately on me. Even though I like the extensions, I’m considering moving back to Firefox since 4 is out? Or am I mistaken?.. Too lazy to go look.

I like both browsers. I even like Opera… but it still feels behind. SORRY LOL
I mean it keeps up to spec but Jesus something still feels wrong with that browser.

At least it’s not konqueror…

When I played with other systems more, I was fond of midori a bit but kazehakase the most, at least for quick browsing.

I will always prefer fully featured and customary browsers for my every day use.

EDIT: oh Safari might be okay yeah, if you just need a browser
but I hate the way Apple installs things on my Windows computer honestly

and the safari browser on iOS sucks huge asses, use Mercury Pro or something.



Remember Crow and him bragging about Safari? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind of. I wasn’t serious with the forums back when Crow was still around.

You’re probably thinking of someone else. I’ve always hated Apple products with a passion. I did get Safari for Windows a try when it was initially released, and it was horrible. I used to use Opera. Also, hi, been a while.

wtf crow

Dangerless hasn’t been on these forums for years.

I know, so what? :smiley: