I'm a massive retard when it comes to programming

I consider myself pretty good with computers, but I feel like a massive fake because I don’t have a strong programming muscle at all. I want to try to remedy that over the course of 2018 as a goal. I guess I could run a long paragraph detailing this, but I want to keep it short.

As for starting points, I might move on to C++ to become more versatile at some point, but I thought I’d try out the Godot engine to try to get myself invested in gaming-related coding again. My only actual experience with programming is GS1 and it’s nothing to be proud of. I’ve dipped my feet into Java because of that, and I’m not sure I really like it. Also I took a look at Python for maybe a couple days last year and kinda dropped my interest in it despite how flexible it’s supposed to be. I suppose right now I could say my intent is to be more of a hobbyist than a professional. I do have a game I want to make, but that’s gonna be on the back burner until I master the steps that come before it.

What I’m looking for in this thread is to collect a bunch of resources along the general theme of “wow I wish I knew that sooner”, or general information that you’ve picked up over the years that you want to talk about. I’ve asked a lot of questions to the google machine, but I feel like maybe it might be better to get some direct information from people who know me better. Right now I need help transitioning away from GS1’s scripting system because all my habits and knowledge of programming comes from it.

pls no bully

I guess a good point to start off with is what attribute must one have to be considered “good” at programming. Personally, I think a strong grasp in logic is important for any programmer, and thus it doesn’t matter what programming language you use.

However, some might argue it’s how diverse you are, i.e. being able to have multiple tools at your disposal and being able to choose the most fitting for the job at hand.

In either case, might I suggest you start with learning java given you won’t need to worry about memory management and leaks, nor buffer overflows, nor… compiler configuration. Additionally people have developed several useful libraries that will make your life a lot easier, and the effort involved in integrating these is kept minimal much due to the aforementioned points. It’s actually terrible how there seems to be such an elitist culture surrounding c++ and how this sways people, but really, all languages are just tools, and it shouldn’t really matter which one you choose so long as your end goal can be met. As for resources, I’m not going to say go read effective java programming, but what you should do is familiarise yourself with what the object oriented paradigm is and how to exercise it in java as this will provide a useful base for a lot of Object Oriented languages. In terms of a specific resource, I wouldn’t have a clue as I went to uni for all this but I hope you found this advice at least somewhat helpful.

Stick with python. It is the most powerful versatile language.

When tricxta says with java you dont have to worry about memory management and other crap, just know that no one really thinks about these things anyway. At least i dont, and i use whatevee language is available for the job. At work i will use pyrhon, perl, javascript, c, c++, korn script, or some weird proprietary crap from a vendor… but never java. Fuck java. Java can ruin my day.

Also the best programmers are the laziest people in the world. Go practice being lazy.

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You’ll learn the most choosing a project then brute forcing it and asking questions. A series of small games or tools for other games if you’re mostly into game programming. You’ll learn what concepts and tools to put your time in by tripping over them until you take the time to figure them out.

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Avoiding to start coding with a language that needs to be compiled such as C++ (what else, really?) will take at least that step away. Even though it’s not that complicated.

Javascript is the closest to GS1. It is interpreted (read by the browser on the go). It is claimed to require less forward thinking and structure. I would recommend to use object literals and avoid using “this”. This doesn’t always behave the same way depending on the context plus it is said to create security breaches. The idea of using object literals is to avoid functions with multiple parameters from getting confusing.

A function that goes myFunction(param1,param2,param3) could be called more like that:
param1: something,
param2: something,
param3: something

Java is alright, python is badly explained on the official resources (at least, the parts my friend sent me).

Don’t expect any of these 2 to work right away on everyone else’s computer because Java needs some kind of interpreter to be installed (I think most people have it already though).
Python requires itself to be installed on the computer (no one has that already); sure you can “Freeze” a python program but most of the time it will not work.

If you’d ask me what language to start with I’d say Java. As I remember, I had to read the least about it to get something done and it was in a time where I’d almost completely forgot what python was about and almost all my experience was with GS1. My project was to make an Android app.
It took me max 3 months to make but only 1 as I remember (I think I remember wrong). There are great tutorials explaining how to make a video game for Android, and Google is great at explaining the steps to publishing it; it’s a bit complicated but very well explained.

You might also want to look into Replica Island which is a complete and open source Java game for Android that uses its own engine. http://replicaisland.net/

As for the concepts I mentioned in the “Reading” thread, here’s something about coupling (and cohesion) tricxta sent me last year:

Both other concepts (race condition and waterfall approach) can be googled, I have no special link or explanation for them.

I wish I could transfer more to you but nothing else comes to mind.

learn HolyC

Thanks for the support guys. I’ll try to apply this to my studies. I really would like to get to the point where I know the ins and outs of both Java and C++. I’ll try to have some progress to show you guys soon.

I used to suck at programming until I didn’t.

I started out with Java then moved onto C#. Currently working in C++ for academic projects and C# for work and personal projects. I only use C# at work because we’re utilizing Unity right now. I expect that a language shift might happen once these projects are out of the door.

EDIT: Generally, I’d only opt to use C++ if you care about cookie-cutting high-performance. Stuff you see in AAA games, etc. For a hobbyist programmer, you can cut well over half your project duration if you work in a ‘friendlier’ language like C#.

C# is good

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I suppose what you’re getting at is that I might be retarded, but I’m more capable than those schmucks, right? lol

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Agreed, I always say C# is java done right (at least from a practicality standpoint). Still would recommend going with java due to the amount of tutorials, libraries and other supportive literature however.

Is C# as flexible as Java? I know you can make all sorts of stuff with Java, games, scripts for automation, etc. Learning C# while making clones of other games sounds like a good way to learn

Your fist mistake is thinking your first project should be a game.

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That may be a bit complicated… but if he knows GS1 and has already made some small scripts and mechanisms (like I did before starting with Java). He can surely integrate multiple small mechanisms and put them together into a game.

My impression has always been that a game developer starts with a small project and from a project to another builds upon what has been made before. From simple to complex. Of course, the game has to be very simple if you want to finish your project. Especially if it is your first serious project.

Make a square that will attract another when near, make controls for the player square… optionally add some GUI elements. The goal is to avoid the attracted squares, place multiple squares, make it scroll (that one will be the challenge) you have a game.
Add a gun to destroy the attracted squares, you have a slightly upgraded game.

The mistake really is the trap of becoming ambitious with the game you want to make. Many people have their epic MMORPG in mind that would take their whole life to develop.

Get inspired by the Ludum Dare

They are very talented, most of them kind of cheat and use or rewrite systems they created prior to the challenge; you will not be able to be as efficient as them. But you’ll have a good idea of what is a small, realist, game project.

Of course, focus on the Compos (which are made by one person, Jams are by teams) and on the simpler looking games.
Such as this one:

implying it’s my first project
double implying that I mean to make a super complex duper hardcore game and not just a pong clone like everyone else

C# is definitely just as flexible as java if not more. But I’ll emphasise again it’s more important you understand the object oriented paradigm(it’s not complicated) than any one or multiple languages.Inheritance and polymorphism are extremely powerful concepts, and if you can grasp them, the efficiency and effectiveness of how you go about solving problems will drastically improve.