I'm back.... maybe?

Been on a looooooooong hiatus in the desert. Finally ran outta peyote, so here I am, back for more!

Sorry for the false alarm. I finally remembered my old account info. :expressionless:
Wish I still had those old Giafea server files…

Welcome back. Always happy to see another face around here!

Hikeido = Zazenora

I finally remembered my original account info. Was hoping to find a trace of my old server, Giafea. No luck though :[

Whatever happened to Beholder?

Im Beholder. I forgot my old account info too.

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whats going on

Good question.

I just remembered my old account info. Hoping to find gold, but only found old PMs from players gone bye bye…

[USER=“541”]hosler[/USER] What did you do with Beholder? Being held hostage in a basement at an unknown location?

I vaguely remember you based on that creepy avatar

I wouldn’t doubt Beholder still lurks once every few months

He was a huge help to me on my previous server project. Wish he’d stop by.
I don’t plan on bugging him for help, I’d just like to say howdy


I still get in contact with him via AIM sometimes. He still has the same account and seems to have it up 24/7.