I'm back!

Hello people. My account serves again!!!

Well. Hello xD

uhmmm hey o_0

Who the f*ck are you?


He’s one of my friends on iPhone, we met here… Welcome back!

Thanks man. i have a lot of questions in my server. My server name: Gynyss

This guy plays GraalOnline. He’s been stalking an admin named WhatzGoingOn who banned 2 times from zodiac

Good for him. Nobody cares, fag.

whats going on is a great classic song by marvin gaye

Who the fk is Whatzgoingon?
Well going back to the topic. Someone can help me by PM as how to get Staff Boots, Bombs, and dragging powers to me and oothers admins?


They’re scripts you add via a NPC in a level. Check the code gallery, Alex has a good staff boot script there and Downsider has a good “dragging” NPC. Bombs are built in and you just add “bombs”,“joltbomb”, or “superbomb” to a players weapons.

Where’s the code gallery?

You have to donate $40 to [email protected] via PayPal to access the Code Gallery.

Seriously… Im new. I really need help.

when i read this post i smiled so much my eyes felt it
its like the sides of my smile touched my eyes

when i read this post

i was become trollface

I should make a testbed server. iNoob Playground. I could have GScript tutorials in it (eg. how to make a door, then an advanced moving door and finally a really epic one with timeouts and sound fx). Show them how to script events, baddies, people, etc… Have some fun experimenting and OSL is a PK with boots zone!

Well? What are you waiting for, chap?
…unless there’s brighter ideas aside from “don’t do it”, or even “stop being an abusive staff (’Д‘)”。

clap clap well said

You haven’t been on Noddess lately, have you?