I'm back!!


now to sacrifice yall to the COFFEE GODS!! mwuahahaha

boredom is evil

as if we needed another dylan.

Came back too soon to admire the greatness of our biscuit developer but, hey! welcome back.

don’t compare me to that furfag, I don’t touch myself to pictures of animals

werrcome berk

Dontar, you’re like 50 or something. Act your fucking age. Grow up and stop with the furry shit.

I love you, gllt.

I dont even read web comics anymore, I just havent changed that thing yet

Heya Dontar! Almost been 10 years since last time with yamo-hotaki now. Nice to see you are still alive!

Graal Classic sure went into decline, its facebook based (and ios) and has NO heart or sword/shield ugrade quests, everyone is at 3 hearts with level 1 swords FOREVER

Aw, now my return will be overshadowed.

I’m just glad to see more members returning. Let the revival of GR begin

I have all my old levels already, just waiting for serverlist to come back up (Universal Plug n Play is enabled on router so I should be able to host again)

The serverlist should be up and running again. If you have any troubles feel free to send me a forum PM.

Overshadowed by what? Someone who was remembered as a whiny furry? You’re the creator of my favorite server.

wow, after all these years, your still as big of an ass as ever, spooon

Just telling it like it is. Maybe you’re different now. Prove me wrong.

I love you too, baby.

People come back but never post anywhere else :frowning:

He still has hope. If I well recall, he’ll be nice when Imperim engine is up on it’s forums.

Anyway, nice to see you back, Dontar.

I didn’t say I’d be nice.