I'm quarter jew!

There is nothing I can say that is going to make this any better…


I hope to rehabilitate myself into human society to live a normal life by working hard dirty labor in a foundry with whips >_< which is not typical of the normal jew…

Haha, reminded of that joke.
“I threw a penny between two jews, then I watch them battle to the death!”



umm… there is no race called jew…

thus your post/topic does not make sense…

Jewish = a religion not a race oh wellllll

Joey explain this to me already but I’ll believe it when stop seeing those big noses. looks in the mirror sigh

Till then it’s off to the foundry for rehabilitation because they don’t/do like hard labor. Q.Q

Jews are from Guadosalem.
Guado are from Jerusalem.

yeah seriously, jew isnt a race… its a fkn religion… believe in it or not.

However its an exclusive religion, you need to be born into it to be one ;O

Interesting, by those standards of being born into being a Jew one could say it’s a race and a religion aka one and the same.

j00 suck

are you sure 0.o hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I know someone who went to vegas and became a jew…



i shoulda kept my mouth shut but i started argumentz

You can convert to it or marry into it.

Starting as a Jew will have a starting inventory such as a bag of jew gold and a 250k annual job.

Give me your jew gold!

hhahaaa cartman is so messedup

Cadavre it may be true on paper that you can do those things but i know for a fact Jews differentiate between a full blooded Jew, half Jew, and a non-blooded Jew. Like Blade 1 and 2 they differentiate between the day walker and vampires.

That is true, but you would still be a “Jew”. Just not a “full” Jew.

Honestly I don’t see why it really matters, but…

it’s a historical/race thing basically. A lot of irrational things still matter in the present example religion. We don’t need religion yet they influence things in America creating controversy out of nothnig example abortion, gay marriage etc…

ginger kids

they actually have different names to each type , i was told this before but i cant recall what they were , however i can direct you to someone who can . my buddy Lambo’s trying to convert so he can move to the holy land . dont ask me why cause i dont even understand it other then he will to get the fuck out of america before it goes to hell . people of jewish decent have a name , and those who arnt have another . well i cant find it , but i did find this .

ROFL - kosher sex .