Im Starting Over...

Dear GR Community, I have restored my computer due to a virus. So, all my stolen content is gone. And Exotic, well. Im going to delete it and start all over with a new player world kinda like Noddess or Xialza, but, Darkblade has quit GR and went to GO, so I basically have no scripter and staff, if anyone wants to help me with starting this player world, please PM me when you have the time.

Thanks, and sorry… seriously.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]*I also need to think of a name, any suggestions?

Good to hear you’re starting over. Stay committed and you might just make something everyone can enjoy.

Thanks Kondie! I’ll be very productive about this project.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Still need a name guys, makeing the map now! :smiley:

Don’t do drugs

Good one, but… not my type.


Its good to see your starting over with a new server. Although I do wish we could get more variety going in terms of server ideas. Enough servers are already using zod like weapons so even more would be even more annoying. Im not saying you have to but could you please be original since your working off a clean pallet.

Don’t make a stupid RPG server again. I’m sick of seeing them.

“I’m making a map!” Worst planning ever. On Zolderon I made all of the levels before I made the maps. You do not need a giant map to have a playable server. I personally hate seeing empty levels everywhere.

Well, Ill have to think about it a little more, but the bigmap is only like 10 levels for now, im adding more when we need it.

I have not made the insides yet eather so yeah.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]But, if im not doing a RPG server… what type of server should I make?

2d sidescrolling platformer. i hear riley has some cool free tiles for platformers to use

You must include parallax scrolling with that :3, mmmm such great stuff. This thread is a gold mine!

Edit: actually I know shiny did a mario project but you should make a more complete one, he has a good movement script out there :slight_smile:

Oh so kinda like mario? That would be neat, use a gravity script and make mario tiles xD, But riley isnt letting me use his tiles. So yeah…



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[/COLOR]I bet he opened something in the UGDVD without scanning it first.

Well, if i can find someone to give me the tiles or make me the tiles ill the the whole mario thing… it would be pretty cool.

Severs like mario will never work here cause they’re dependent on communities to make them fun, and we don’t have one. They also require scripting greater than what gs1 is capable of without an NPCs Server.

Then what should i do…

Yes but, it would be pretty boring without a awesome GFX, Lat, SFX, ect.

Why would it be boring? I remember making my own offline worlds with just default chests, baddies and shit. Most advanced scripts I’d have were shops or something simple. And you know what? It was pretty fucking fun.

If you think making a server on your own is boring perhaps you shouldn’t be making servers.

u shld do an all events sever :smiley: i wld play it

Shamrock/Project ESQ or bomber .